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Political details
Country Toor
Government Gole of Toor
Historical details
Disestablishedc. 75 SR

Chusoh /tʃ'uːzə/ was the capital of Toor and reportedly the second largest city in Tarnaria after Estonoh. It was the seat of the Dolysoh dynasty and later of the Tōrmoh dynasty, and the economic and political center of the region, uniting Deeras, Gaskal and the area that would later be known as Commonground.

The city was centered around its massive wooden palace. It was also the first Tarnarian city to feature Goler Poton, a private army of the gole, while the country's main military force was stationed in a separate city-fortress of Hohned.

Chusoh was destroyed in 75 SR, when a superhero warrior Agzor burned down the palace, which led to a massive fire that took down most of the city.