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Farnole /fɑr'nɔːl/ (Bukkean: Fornōl) was a superhero warrior from Orden. She had the ability to vanish people and objects, including whole armies, without a trace. Considered to be the most powerful superhero warrior of her generation, she reluctantly helped Hee to defend Orden from Rodare Oordar, by vanishing Rodare and his army. Fearing Farnole's powers, Hee ordered her assassination shortly thereafter.

It was later discovered that Farnole was not just vanishing people, but actually sending them across space and time, which created the famous Oordar causal loop. Rodare Oordar and his army were transported about 350 km to the east from their original position, and 80 years into the past. She was thus potentially responsible for the existence of the Oordar clan and subsequently Tref, and changed the course of history in Tarnaria.

However, her responsibility is shared, as Farnole herself was part of the causal loop. She was reluctant to help, because she claimed her family was mistreated by Maksag Oordar, who drove them from Mantar and forced them to migrate westward and settle in Orden, probably referring to the aftermath of Mantar's resistance movement in 1529-1533. And Maksag was in power only because Farnole sent Rodare Oordar into the past. Due to the nature of causal loops, it is impossible to know which action set the loop in motion. But Farnole was definitely a key element in making the loop possible.

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