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Gorōna Oordar, the Murdoh of Mantar

Gorōna Oordar, born Gorōna Toarlameek, was Murdoh of Mantar in the second half of the 16th CSR, wife of Nilma Oordar and later Jeenor of Qep.

Born into a powerful Toarlameek family, Gorōna was raised in Lora. Toarlameeks were originally from Qep city, but fled to Lora when Maksag invaded the country, correctly believing Lora to be safer. After Lora was conquered by Maksag in 1515, Toarlameeks lost most of their wealth, but were spared by Maksag along with several other noble households. The reigns of the city were given to one of Maksag's Jeens, Heemin.

Over the next decade, as the city was rebuilt, Toarlameeks were able to retain their privileged status, but not wealth. When Heemin died from an illness, Gorōna's father Taley Toarlameek took advantage of that and in early 1528 traveled to Mantar to take part in the victory celebrations of Oordar's subjugation of Mantar.

Gorōna was made Murdoh of Goolkoon, the region and city which was the least loyal to Mantar. Nilma chose the strategy of diplomacy and installed Gorōna, someone with Qep's lineage, so as to ease the tensions and reduce the appearance of oversight, learning from Kren's and Maksag's mistakes at Or.

However, Kren the Younger used Gorōna in his plot against Nilma and made Gorōna the ruler of Mantar. Gorōna did not learn about the plot until many years later, but sided with Tonaran and removed Nilma from her court some time in 1580s.

Did you know...
  • ...that Uroh Oroat, mostly known for leading the royal army against the rebels at Koalderood, was also the founder of an occult magic school?
  • ...that the settlers of Gordohse were stealing stones from the road between Estonoh and Ernele, which led to the citizens of Estonoh speculate that a superhero warrior thief was operating in the area?
  • ...that the reasons for the Dawn, one of the defining migrations of the history of the Continent, are largely unknown?
  • ...that Yammoean strategists believed for generations that Utuka were a much more developed and numerous people, to the point of deciding not to expand to the east?

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  • Gorōntoh Kōtele was a famous singer of lore, seer to Meerō Dolysoh and later a close confidant to Brone Forod. She was known as "Forod's slayer", as she was suspected of poisoning many enemies of Forod. She herself poisoned Olboloh Joleeloh, another singer of lore and seer, whose fame and influence she was jealous of.

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Toor was an early Tarnarian civilization that existed for three centuries at the end of the first and beginning of the second revolution. It became exceedingly wealthy due to its discovery, development and commercialization of mining.

Toor in the beginning of the second revolution