Kren the Younger

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Kren the Younger
Head of the Oordar clan
Murdoh of Tonaran
Reign 1543-1593 SR
Predecessor Kren Oordar
Successor Rodare Oordar
Personal details
Born 1531 SR
Died 1593 SR

Kren the Younger was the son of Kren Oordar and head of the Oordar clan in the second half of the 16th CSR. His rule was dominated by internal power struggles between Oordars and their Murdohs. Considered a weak ruler, he nevertheless managed to retain and even strengthen the Oordar influence, but his eventual murder in 1593 SR led to the dismantling of the clan's dominance in Heran.

He is notable as a ruler whose predecessor and successor were the same person.

Early life

Kren the Younger was born in Ernele. He was one of several children of Kren, all of whom were raised in secrecy. Kren wanted to make sure that his successor was worthy of the title. Kren the Younger was the only child that he revealed himself to as his father when he turned 8. The fate or the identities of the rest of the children are unknown.

Kren the Younger received extensive training, both in combat and arts, especially history, politics and military tactics.

When the boy turned 12, Kren officially made him head of the family, although he kept closely supporting his son for several years, including lending him his knowledge of the future.


Kren the Younger wanted to continue to expand his influence by campaigning, but was held back by Kren. Kren's cautious advice was first interpreted as the visionary getting old, but it was later theorized that Kren simply knew of no more Oordar conquests in the 16th CSR, and either felt uncomfortable advising his son without his usual foreknowledge or did not want to change the course of history.

At the same time, Kren seemed to be ready to change history in some instances, like instructing Kren the Younger to remove Nilma from power.

Nilma Oordar

When Kren the Younger became head of the family, Kren had him promise that he would sideline Nilma at the first opportunity and warned that Nilma might be dangerous to his reign. He probably could not suggest murder since Nilma was Maksag's son. Unbeknownst to Kren, though, his advice was exactly what set up the situation to unfold the way it had.

At the time when Kren the Younger became head of the clan, Nilma, who was almost a year older, was already in power at Mantar. His father, Jeenor Maksag, had just passed away, and thus Nilma was an important representative of the clan in the east of Heran. Not only that, but with the clan's loosening grip on Qep, Nilma was also the logical choice for exerting pressure on the region.

This forced Kren the Younger to rely on Nilma, whom he invited to Tonaran. He immediately liked Nilma and they developed a good relationship. Nilma suggested a diplomatic solution to Qep and negotiated close ties between Qep and Mantar, sealing the deal by marrying Gorōna Toarlameek, daughter of Lora's Murdoh Taley Toarlameek.

Kren, however, was unhappy with the relationship and over the next couple of years managed to convince Kren the Younger that Nilma could not remain in power. As a result, Kren the Younger staged a plot in the name of several Nilma's key advisors and supporters. This was done in such a way so as to put Nilma's wife, Gorōna, in a position to uncover the alleged plot and execute the perpetrators, effectively removing a lot of Nilma's loyalists. Kren the Younger then made Gorōna the ruler of Mantar, while Nilma disappeared.

He resurfaced after Kren's death, but kept a low public profile. He was, however, able to slowly rebuild his influence in Mantar over the next two decades, becoming Gorōna's unofficial advisor and a shadow figure behind many events in Mantar and Qep.

In 1593 Nilma was able to use Hee's capture of Pherro as a demonstration of Kren the Younger's weakness and moved against him, openly challenging his rule and then most probably organizing his murder and installing his son, Rodare, as ruler.

Personal relationships

It was not uncustomary for Tarnarian royal marriages to permit several spouses: a male ruler might have several wives and a female ruler might have several husbands. This was also considered appropriate for the noble and wealthy, although not in all circumstances.

Kren the Younger's wife was recorded as Eeleen Oordar. They had two sons, Hee in 1572 and Done in 1574, but Done died soon after birth. Kren the Younger also had a son from another woman in 1572, Iar. The name of the woman was not recorded, but as Iar was considered a legitimate son, she was probably Kren the Younger's second wife.


Kren the Younger is largely considered a weak ruler who failed to use the momentum created by Maksag Oordar's conquests to create what could have been the first Tarnarian empire. This is partially blamed on Kren, who strongly advised his son against making bold moves and instilled the fear of being overthrown. Kren the Younger developed an attitude of treating the clan that he headed as enemies that should be kept divided, so that none of them would be able to secure enough support to overthrow him. Thus, instead of uniting Oordar lands under Tonaran's rule and strengthen them through this process, Kren the Younger attempted to lock all Oordar matters on Tonaran. This lack of unity is believed to have contributed to the quick loss of influence of Oordars after Kren the Younger's death.