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Murdoh /'mʊrdə/ (pl. murdon) is a Tarnarian political title, designated to a non-elected public official with the power to run a non-sovereign level of government, typically a city or a region of a state. Appointed by the head of state, it is usually the second-powerful rank in a country.

Originated in Asdoh, the rank was used in many countries outside of Tarnaria, such as Afanyu, Loodon Empire and Xornerian, and continues to be used today, although usually for positions of lesser power.

Murdoh means "the knowledgeable one" or, more accurately, "the one possessing knowledge" in Bukk.


Murdoh's court is considered to be the core element of Hogloh vy Aanua because it deals with military and law enforcement, the mismanagement of which could lead to the usurpation of either the murdoh or the gole. Because of that, the way murdoh and his subjects operate has been carefully balanced throughout the centuries.

Murdoh's court usually consists of a bortoh, several davee-murdoh and a gorōloh.

The title of bortoh /'bɑrtə/ normally refers to the head of the local militia, however in the context of the head of state, bortoh would be someone assuming the role of murdoh on a temporary basis. This happens in cases when murdoh is away from the city or incapacitated and when there is a military threat or emergency. If there is no threat or emergency, then the powers of murdoh are collectively assumed by his regents, davee-murdon.

Davee-murdoh is a governor of some significant subset of murdoh's jurisdiction and regent to murdoh. Davee-murdon would normally be assuming the authority of a murdoh on their local level, in other words, temporarily rule without oversight. A davee-murdoh is a lifelong non-hereditary title and signing up for it precludes one from ever assuming the role of murdoh or serving as a davee-murdoh for any other murdoh, a measure taken to prevent davee-murdon to have any incentives to undermine their murdoh's power.

Gorōloh is the commander of the Royal Guard, reports directly to murdoh and is completely independent from bortoh. In case bortoh assumes power, gorōloh would instead report to one of the davee-murdohs, a decision that is usually made in advance and in secret between the murdoh and his regent.

Murdon Circle

All country murdon may form a Murdon Circle, a group that is especially loyal to the country's ruler. The formation of the Murdon Circle frequently means that the monarch's power is no longer absolute. Such monarchy is designated as either "matured monarchy" or "stronger monarchy", and a number of key decisions, such as declaring war, can be made only with the support of the Murdon Circle.

The Murdon Circle is frequently established by the monarch, but murdon can also decide to form a Murdon Circle themselves. In this case the monarch typically has no choice, but to either accept it or to start a civil war, since opposing the Murdon Circle effectively means opposing every single region's governor. At the same time, the formation of the Murdon Circle has historically not been an adversarial move and is usually an attempt to hold the monarch's rule together and strengthen it. In some cases the formation of the Cirlce might even signal the unity of the nobility to potential invaders and make them reconsider their plans to invade.

The mechanism of the Murdon Circle in particular was used as a basis for democracy in Xornerian.