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Utuka /yʊtɑk'ɑ/ (bukkean: Yootokoh) are a people who live west to the Quoon river, in the cold plains and forests of northern Tarnaria. They are known for their extreme watchfulness, to the point of paranoia. Their culture revolves around the idea of defending one's home and standing guard at night.

Utuka are not Xaewoon followers and instead worship Indifferent Gods.

Known as the Silsy people in Yammoe, they were for a long time believed to be a much more numerous and developed society by several generations of Yammoean leaders throughout the first and second revolutions, with this outlook significantly influencing their foreign policy towards Tarnaria.


Utuka means "small hammer" in Bukk.


Utuka are believed to be closely related to the Oaleed and have probably separated into a new tribe at the end of the first revolution. Oaleed share the tradition of guarding, which seems to be grounded in Oaleed mythology.


Utuka have a very basic written language, but a complex spoken language, known as Mae Hureed. Mae Hureed experienced a fairly fast evolution throughout the last 500 years and differs significantly from the early forms that have influenced Bukk.

Politics and society

Political structure

Utuka don't live in cities and instead organize themselves into strictly regulated familial tribes. At the same time, they are sophisticated builders and Utukan wood architecture was considered to be one of the most developed in the beginning of the second revolution. Chusoh was partially built as an imitation of Utukan architecture.

Utukan tribes are sedentary and their familial estates tend to be small intricate villages surrounded by defensive structures. Settlements that are established on plains are characterized by tall towers, as this is the best way to watch surrounding areas, whereas settlements in more mountainous and hilly regions tend to avoid tall structures and are flat. All Utukan settlements tend to be of a round shape.

While on the one hand Utukan society is very politically decentralized, power is decided in a very ritualistic manner, which serves as a set of centralized rules.

Social structure

Foreign relations

Relationship with Nanonae