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Yammoe map.png
Political details
Capital Tamehliss
Government Authoritarian
Language Yammoean
Religion Rahkahnja
Historical details
Established c. 16th CFR

Yammoe /yɑ'mɔɪ/ is a landlocked country in the southeast of the Continent. It is the oldest country on the planet. It's also the least populated.

It's known for its unique culture of landscaping, high quality of life, tourism friendliness, but also very strict citizenship law.

Historically, Yammoe has maintained a strong and steady influence in the east through its colonial politics and the instigation of proxy wars. It is notable for essentially founding Xornerian and the Kingdom of Mamkoon. Its hegemony in the east came to a halt with the foundation of the Loodon Empire, and Yammoe's influence has been decreasing ever since. Today Yammoe can even be regarded as isolationist not only in theory, but also in practice.

Its borders have not significantly changed for centuries, and it prides itself on keeping an unbroken link to the civilizations of the past, having been a major player throughout the first, second and third revolutions. It has been viewed as the dominant power in the east throughout the second revolution.

Yammoe holds a strong claim on the name of Gidna's landmass and is one of only three countries that contend it should be something other than its own name. Yammoe bids for "Dantria", arguing that this would honor the ancestor of modern civilization, while satisfying all sides that no single country has an elevated standing.

Yammoe has not directly participated in any military conflict since the 18th CFR.

It's capital city is Tamehliss, although the location of the capital has been changed several times throughout Yammoe's history


Loss of political domination in the south

In the middle of 19th CSR, Western Dantria established strong ties with Yammoe, which it considered to be the most developed region in the east. This was a huge political win for Yammoe, since it effectively excluded Darda from the conversation. While it is not completely clear why Western Dantria ignored Darda and whether it did actually plan to ignore it, some reasons for a lack of immediate interest might include a complicated internal situation of Darda, as well as its geographical remoteness from the Nari corridor, as well as it being the result of the New Dawn. The state of Darda collapsed in the beginning of the 20th century.

Having seemingly cemented Yammoe's dominance in the east, however, Dantria established independent relations with Loodon, which at the time was led by Potus Aylis. Western Dantria instituted its council in Loodon in exchange for exclusive trade deals, since Yammoe seemed to the dantrians to be too powerful, and they wanted to distribute their representation throughout the region.

This was a serious political blow to Yammoe and a power boost to Loodon, which at the time was still an unsettled and divided country. This created tension between Yammoe and Western Dantria, and as Gantolia was historically a strong ally of Yammoe, while being closest to Western Dantria geographically, this had slowed down communication between the east and the west and was one of the reasons why no effective communication channels existed at the time when Lydian's conquests began.

The council of Western Dantria in Loodon slowly adapted and localized to the realities of the east, and received a significant amount of autonomy. It began to formally report to Loodon's court and became the Council of Western Dantria.

Later, tensions arose between Loodon and Yammoe in regards to the Council, and eventually a diplomatic decision had been reached, upon which the Council of Western Dantria was relocated to Gantolia, which was argued to be a reasonable compromise.

After the collapse of Western Dantria, the Council of Western Dantria became the Council of Gantolia. Council placement contributed to Gantolia gaining a political edge and becoming more of an independent player on the Continent. It's relative proximity to former Western Dantria became the gateway for a migration to the west, which significantly strengthened Gantolia's economic position, which was already very strong.


Street ownership

In Yammoe, an investment of wealth was the acquisition of "streets" from the government. An owner of the street would become the administrator of the street and would run a local mini-government, that was given a certain amount of autonomy, but was a vassal to the state.

This concept was not dissimilar to the concept of pōnta in Tarnaria. The development of the country in Yammoe is being measured in the amount of streets owned by the subjects of the state. More streets mean that there is more urban development and more wealth capable of acquiring those streets.

The amount of streets a given proprietor could own depends not only on their wealth, but also on their political standing.


Yammoe has a tropical climate throughout most of the year, with muted seasonal changes, but has irregular and sometimes long-lasting periods of drought. Since droughts can last for up to 6 months, the diversity of plant life is achieved through greenhouses, which are setup everywhere. Due to this, Yammoe has bred plants that exist nowhere else.


Gliss script

See: Gliss script

Gliss script is the main writing system of Yammoe that dates back to the Dawn. Its earliest forms betray a superficial similarity to written Bukk, suggesting common but probably remote ancestry.