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The symbol of Mōroh, the five-legged horse

Mōroh /'mɒrə/ (phonetic respelling: [mo-ra]) is a term denoting a group of five nomadic kingdoms that existed in northern Tarnaria in the beginning of the second revolution, a cultural, religious and political tradition that it spawned, the identity of those who follow it and the specific period in Tarnarian history from 3rd to roughly 10-13th CSR.


"Mōroh" means "palm" or "open hand" in Asdoh. The word was used as a greeting that kings would exchange. The usage declined in the 2nd CSR.



The five kingdoms

By the beginning of the second revolution northern Tarnaria was controlled by the state of Toor. A serf uprising, as well as two invasions of the territory led to a series of conflicts known as the Chaos wars. This destroyed Toor and eventually created the five nomadic kingdoms.

Gened: Ardyk, the True Toor

Rolee: Brokmoseed

Agzor: Gaskal

Svonōr Fogon: Deeroh

Jolder: Jhet


Main page: Stogen

Stogen was a nomadic empire, founded and ruled by Morol in the 2nd CSR. It first became known as the mysterious army that would show up at the walls of major cities, destroy them and vanish, leaving little trace behind. For a while Stogen was known as Borolyk Dym Portun or simply Borolyk, which roughly translated from Bukk would mean "simpletons who end civilizations".

Eventually, as Stogen began to claim rule over more territories, as well as expand and be joined by multiple tribes, as well as whole cities, it began behaving more like a political entity, choosing to negotiate first.

It turned out that the leader of Stogen, Morol, was obsessed with Xaewoon and late Toor history, specifically the figure of Gened and the rule of the Five Kings. He believed that Gened showed the glimpse of what the true practice of Xaewoon means.