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Murdoh of Lora
Reign 1515 SR
Successor Taley Toarlameek
Personal details
Born unknown
Died c.1528 SR

Heemin was one of Maksag Oordar's Jeens who was appointed Murdoh of Lora in January of 1515 SR. He was tasked with rebuilding the burned down city and restoring its defensive walls. Since Maksag spared the nobility, Heemin was able to assemble a limited government. When he died, Taley Toarlameek traveled to Mantar on his behalf. Having forged various documents in the city of Zelo, Taley came back and claimed that he had been appointed as Lora's Murdoh by Maksag.

Not much is known about Heemin's origins. Maksag assembled his army for the Qep campaign mostly from Tonaran, Or and Ernele. Heemin sent regular letters to Tonaran, as well as negotiated shipments to Lora from Delavire and Or. His correspondence is dry and formal. It is clear that he did not know how to read and write and was instead assisted by Taley, whose handwriting has been confirmed through the comparison with his own documents. Heemin did, however, seem to be a relatively competent manager and, unlike Ulan Moree, was not noted for any atrocities.