Uroh Oroat

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Uroh Aabos Oroat /'aɪbɑs 'ɑrwɑt/, was an uroh from Chusoh who led the royal army against the rebels at Koalderood in 72-73 SR during the Chaos wars.

Born into a relatively poor family, Aabos made a military career and was honored as one of the heroes of the campaign that defeated the Negy. He also partook in several campaigns against the Oaleed. He eventually became one of the elders of Chusoh and was granted the title of uroh by Gole Tōrmoh.

He was also involved in black magic: occultism became somewhat fashionable at the time among the Chusoh's nobles, and Aabos opened a secret black magic school. The students of magic were taught incantations and took part in rituals to call the minions of Eater. Aabos was known for a claim that he once heard Eater's whisper and served as the principal of the school. The school operated as a club for the very wealthy and made Aabos lots of money.

When Hohned was attacked and defeated by the miners from Koalderood, an uprising that started the Chaos wars, Uroh Oroat suggested that he lead the army against them. His bid for Jeenor was challenged by Uroh Borymoh, who was from Hohned and was at the fortress when the rebels attacked. He and his army were the first to pull out from Hohned, a fact that Uroh Oroat did not fail to use against him, calling him a "coward who abandoned gole's Treasure Chest". He then proceeded to call Uroh Borymoh a traitor and "the worst kind of man: petty and ready to flee at seeing a big shadow of a little rat". Uroh Oroat's speech was so effective that Uroh Bortymoh was almost arrested for treason, but was able to talk his way out of it.

Uroh Oroat then led a 40,000-strong army against the rebels, but instead of confronting them head on, like Uroh Borymoh planned to, he maneuvered around the region to emerge from the Yassa-pao valley. He quickly reclaimed several territories, but got bogged down in guerilla warfare with the decentralized communities of miners, who knew the area better and were willing to retreat and then come back to their mines. Uroh Oroat then set up camp at one of the pro-Chusoh mines, probably at Lion of Chusoh, with the intention to resume his conquest in spring.

Just several weeks later an army from the west led by a superhero warrior Jolder attacked Floroh and then Jhet. Uroh Oroat confronted Jolder at Jhet, but lost. He managed to save part of his army and retreat to the east, bringing worrying news of this conqueror to the miners at Laeooy Coast and uniting forces with some of them. Eventually, his forces merged with the larger army led by Svonōr Fogon and he became a Jeen in that army.

Uroh Oroat was one of many who perished in the battle of Kustichoh.